NESCBWI 2011 Conference Recap

Yesterday was a great day for RISD-CE Children’s Book Illustrators!  Collectively, we won more than half of the poster contest awards – evidence of how wonderful our professors are and what a talented group of students are in the program!

This year’s poster contest theme was “Reimaging a Classic” – we were asked to redesign the cover of a book we felt was a milestone in children’s literature.

  • Jeanette Bradley won first place non published, third place people’s choice and best of show. As part of the award, her poster will be exhibited at the Michelson Galleries in Northampton, MA in November.

  • Kristina Hickman won third place published. (That’s right – Kristina is now in the published category, after the publication of Snow Secrets)

  • Caroline Gray won third place in the unpublished category for her 3-D Peter Rabbit cover.
  • Lin Norman-Lyman won second place people’s choce for a 3-D depiction of Pippi Longstocking. 
  •  Cindy Cornwall exhibited a digital redesign of The Secret Garden.

  • Milanka Reardon exhibited an urban retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

Several other RISD CBI folks attended the conference. Some of us had portfolio reviews or meetings with editors. I hope many will post their experiences at the conference.

(Cross-posted with our RISD group blog Drawing Together)


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