Bedtime Read: Thank You, Octopus


I’m in love with Thank You, Octopus by Darren Farrell. It’s silly and smart and has great design. That would be enough to make me love it, but it also cleverly introduces a meme even a preschooler understands.”No thank you, Octopus!” has entered my family’s library of quotable pop culture.

“I ate all my ice cream. I know, you want to give me yours!”

“No thank you, Octopus.”

“Can I poke sissy in the eyeball?”

The humor would be enough to make this book, but the simple text also conveys a  sense of the bond between Octopus and Buddy. The warmth of their relationship draws us into their cozy world. So, put your pajamas on (the Statue of Liberty) and curl up in bed with your own favorite prankster to read this story together.


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